Soccer Formations, Football 7.

1-3-2-1 Formation.

It’s the soccer formation with three defenses, two midfielders and one striker.

Formation Advantages.

  • When playing with three defenders and two midfielders we get an increase in defensive strength, while making it difficult to create spaces that the opponent can take advantage of in the vicinity of our goal.
  • We can make our left back or right back to join the attack when they have the opportunity since the presence of two means one on each side facilitate the coverages when they come to attack.
  • Midfielders can join the attack alternating, thus adding to our attack a surprise factor.

Formation Disadvantages

  • Having a single center forward to pressure the opponent’s defense when the game starts, it will have a greater physical wear and fatigue will be noticed before.
  • We have fewer options to exit after stealing the ball in the midfield to facilitate the exit of the ball.
  • Playing with two midfielders can lead to overconfidence and what should be an advantage can become a drawback if these players are not fully responsible for the importance of their position.


Midfielders must combine attack and defense qualities in a balanced way, either because they have that balance on an individual level or individually because their qualities are compensated.
It is important to have a refresher striker given the wear that this put has to press the opposing defense alone.
Keys for the system to work.
Always keep at least one of the two midfielders behind the ball, if one joins the attack the other follows the play from behind.
The exit to the attack by the midfielders must be produced in a staggered way or their area will be abandoned with the danger that this entails in case of the theft of the ball by the rival.
Alternating the midfielder who adds to the attack will give us a plus of surprise.
When the opposing goalkeeper draws the ball both midfielders must remain on the same line, but when the ball has been kicked and is in play, the midfielder on the side where the ball is is to advance slightly diagonally to where the play is taking place .
Our striker will press hard on what is a great effort and sacrifice on his part.
In no case will the two lateral defenses go up simultaneously, when one side joins the attack the central defender will swing towards that side and the other lateral defender will do the same to occupy the defense space as if two central defenders were involved.
While the opponent has possession of the ball our central defense will be located approximately 5 meters behind the lateral defenses.


Futbol Siete. Sistema de Juego 1_3_2_1

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Soccer 7, 1-3-2-1 Football Formation
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